The university, through its high school department awarded Certificates of Commendation last July 21, 2008 to the members of the OrgCom who represented the High School and its alumni association in the historic University-Wide Grand Alumni Homecoming 'Wild, Gold and White Affair.' The event coincided with the awarding of certificates and medals for academic excellence to its students during the High School Recognition Day held at the Thomas Aquinas Research Center Auditorium.

Members of the OrgCom present that day were Pearl Jubilarian Leebai Esquivias Gamboa '78, Chair of the Joint OrgCom, Golden Jubilarian Antonio Ereneta '58, Jun Pascual '61, Corral Jubilarian Laureen Morales '73, Aped Santos '77, Exequiel Delgado '81, Silver Jubilarian Greg Mota '83 and Trx Parino '87. The other OrgCom members are Corral Jubilarians Arnaldo Cruz '73 and Rowena Sevilla-Terrenal '73, Marina Valenzuela Torres '80, Emil Padilla '82, Silver Jubilarians Rino Datuin '83 and Joel Christopher Remandaban '83 and Danielito Jimenez '87. UST High School Principal Ms. Eden Tolentino and Rev. Fr. Rodel Aligan, Regent of the USTHS presented the certificates assisted by Raul Siasoco, President of the USTHS AAI.

The Wild, Gold and White Affair was the biggest gathering of alumni in UST's 400 years of existence. More than 2,200 people attended the event held for the first time in the UST campus. (see related video)

The USTHS AAI, in coordination with incoming 2009 jubilarians have set the High School's Grand Alumni Homecoming for February 21, 2009 at the Quadricentennial Square fronting the High School Building.