The alumni association released the amount of P143,000 on Oct 15, 2008 representating cost of tuition, miscellaneous fees and books of a freshman and sophomore who qualified under the Scholarship Program for Secondary Education of the USTHS AAI, as approved by the Joint Scholarship Committee of USTHS and the alumni association. 
The program recently injected social relevance into academic excellence where it qualified economically disadvantaged children to become beneficiaries. The two students have to maintain averages of at least 85% in all subjects, including conduct. Priority beneficiaries, whenever qualified, are descendants of UST High School graduates.
The Scholarship Fund institutionalized just this January 2008 now has an outstanding balance of P1.0M.   The original fund established in 2000 is being managed by UST-REFI and has a principal balance of P1.95M.   The USTHS and the USTHS AAI envisions to fund at least four scholars every year, one for each year level.
Aside from the donations that will be received from generous alumni, projects will be launched to raise the scholarship endowment fund by P3.0M.