Greetings fellow Thomasians!


Since its re-incorporation over a year ago, the Board established as one of its most important responsibility the unification of all UST High School alumni.   Toward this end, the Board started planning the best way to contact, reach out to and touch base with fellow alumni scattered all over the country and abroad.


Early this year, the Board, in consultation with other alumni who have began taking active interest and participation in the affairs of the new and revitalized Association, decided to organize USTE2TATE, a 2-week sojourn, initially to the West Cost United States, to meet with officers and members of some of the more active “local” associations there. To highlight or demonstrate the importance of the “visit”, it was envisioned that the delegation will include representatives from the University, selected officers of the alumni association and other fellow alumni who expressed willingness to join the delegation at their own expense. The trip was scheduled for May 2009.


Quite unfortunately, the effect of the US financial crisis that exploded in August may impact negatively in some many aspects and on not quite a few people. This being the case, the Board again, in consultation with the parties concerned decided to hold in abeyance the planned trip for 2009 and to reschedule it at another time, preferably before 2011.


It is with extreme sadness, therefore, that we have to officially announce the cancellation of USTE2TATE in 2009. The prevailing uncertainties further inspired us to rationalize our undertakings and the sources by which we find funding for our programs.


The association has two major tasks on hand we must undertake very soon. This is to shore up the endowment fund for the Scholarship Program for Secondary Education we have institutionalized of late.   The other is to mount an event during the annual Grand Alumni Homecoming of the UST High School scheduled to happen in February 2009. These things require funding from corporate sponsors that could overlap with the marketing requirements of USTE2TATE which will also be funded from linear sources. The move, therefore, can be taken in the context of a strategic decision designed to protect the viability of these two programs.



Let us all hope and pray that the adverse economic situation that we all face will have abated and sufficiently improved by then to allow us to implement our plan in time for our quadri-centennial in 2011.


We would like to thank all those who supported with enthusiasm the planned activity.   More particularly, we thank Ms. Leebai Esquivias-Gamboa for having laid down its foundation and hope that the lines she recently opened will be utilized to its fullest in parallel intentions and in more favourable times.


Thank you.



November 16, 2008